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Om Sai Pooja Store is the largest Pooja Samagri 'super market' in Hyderabad. Om Sai Pooja Store has successfully grown into a chain of pooja samagri retail outlets.

Om Sai Pooja Store has built a good corporate image among customers both in India and abroad (especially the US, UK and Australia) as the right place for procuring authentic pooja samagri at a right price. Om Sai Pooja Store has emerged as one-stop mega store for all pooja samagri needs of the individuals, households and temples. There is a vast inventory with variety in all kinds of pooja items like brass, copper, panchaloha and silver idols and pooja articles, stone and wood-carved idols, rudraskha, crystal and mercury items, temple bells, makara toranam, shikaram and vahanam etc, susruvalu, vashodhara, navagraha samidhalu and other homam samagri, devatha vastram, deeksha vastram, temple curtains etc, in each of our stores.

Every paisa that is earned in the business is catalytic in achieving that divine purpose. Our valued customers, dealers, suppliers and innumerable others, besides our dedicated team of employees are part and parcel of this 'maha yagnam'. And everybody, including Franchisees, who joins us in this sacred endeavour, will get the credit of taking this on going 'maha yagnam' to its logical end.

To carry the mantle forward, we intend to open Om Sai Pooja Store mega stores in all metro cities in the country and selected cities abroad. So it is an opportunity for you to join and be an effective partner in this journey.

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